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Oral Surgery by a Dentist you Trust


At Kraisinger Family Dentistry, we make every effort to save your natural teeth. But occasionally, teeth need to be extracted. We offer a wide range of oral surgery services including simple extractions, surgical extractions, wisdom teeth extractions, removal of oral lesions, and brush biopsies. Surgical procedures can be completed with local anesthetic or any of our available sedation options.


Dental Implants are an excellent option to replace a missing tooth or several teeth and have become "The Gold Standard of Care." A dental implant is surgically placed into the jaw at the location of the missing tooth. After a period of time, a crown is then placed on the implant and the tooth can now function like a natural tooth. Implants can usually be placed with a local anesthetic. For more information on dental implants and tooth replacement options, please contact our office.

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